Register of Deeds

Arenac County Register of Deeds

Darlene Mikkola
Chief Deputy Diane Cummings
120 N Grove Street
P.O. Box 296
Standish, MI 48658
Phone: (989) 846-9201
Fax: (989) 846-9166 fax

Hours 9:00 until 4:30 Monday - Friday

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Register of Deeds Document Recording Fee:

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2016 PER MCL 600.2657, Register of Deeds fees: 

a) For entering and recording a document, regardless of the number of pages, $30.00.

b) For a document that assigns or discharges more than 1 instrument, in addition to the $30.00 there is a  $3.00 fee for each additional instrument assigned or discharged.

Transfer Taxes

In addition to fees charged for the recording of documents, the Register of Deeds office also collects Real Estate Transfer Taxes, both County and State. On all instruments subject to tax, the value of the real property transferred shall be stated on the face of the document or a real estate valuation affidavit declaring the total value of the real estate shall be filed. There is no fee for filing the real estate valuation affidavit, but a statement must be made on the face of the instrument that a real estate valuation affidavit is being filed. (MCL 207.511, 207.525)

Transfer tax imposed shall be collected unless the transfer is exempt from either or both taxes (State and/or County). Exemptions must be stated on the face of the instrument presented for recording
(MCL 207.505, 207.526).

If the value of the real estate transferred is $100.00 or more, payment of State and County transfer tax is required. The rate of County tax is 55 cents for each $500 or fraction thereof of value of consideration and the rate of State tax is $3.75 for each $500 or fraction thereof of value of consideration. Please call the Register of Deeds if you have any questions at (989)846.9201.

Online Records from Feb. 11, 1991 to present

Please read the following two paragraphs completely before searching online:

Search and purchase documents from 1992 to present, click the link below..

Online Records Site

Search Historical Deed Records Prior 1992
This service provides the ability to search the historical index books in the same manner you would use them in our office. Records from deed book 1 thru 214 are available for viewing and printing. You will need to create a user account in Then choose a subscription plan offered by Arenac County that fits your needs. recordhub access link