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                                                 ****Please follow the instructions under - To Apply.  ****

If you do not submit both the job application and background check form, your request to apply will be denied. 
Send both the Job application and Background Check form to 911@arenaccountymi.gov




Qualifications to Apply: 
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have a high school diploma or GED
Must have a valid Michigan drivers license and be eligible to drive
Must submit to a background check
Must maintain a direct 24/7 phone number to be contacted
Must have reliable transportation
Must be able to handle high stress situations for a long period of time
Must be able to sit or stand up to 12 hours a day
Must be able to type at least 35 words per minute
Must be familiar with Windows and e-mail programs
Must be able to work nights, holidays, and weekends without exception, 911 is a 24/7 operation
Must be able to work reasonable amounts of overtime, sometimes on short notice 
Must have the ability to focus and multi-task
Must have good hearing, good vision including ability to see color and dexterity
Must be able to read, speak and communicate English clearly
Must be able to pass a physical and drug testing
Must have previous employment of 6 months or more in a customer service related job 

Residing in Arenac County or within 50 Miles of Arenac County is preferred


To Apply: 

Fill out the job application and background check form and e-mail them to - 911@arenaccountymi.gov or receive an application packet at Arenac County Central Dispatch.  Reviewing of the application and background check may take up to 2 weeks to complete.  You will be notified if you have been accepted for testing and offered dates and times to test.   Arenac Central uses CritiCall to test applicants.  You will know on the day of testing if you have passed or failed.  If you pass the testing, you will be contacted to set up an interview at a later date.



If selected, you will be assigned to a Communications Training Officer (CTO) and receive training materials. Training can take up to 6 months to complete and is a minimum of 80 hours/bi-weekly for full time and 58 hours bi-weekly for part time. It is an extensive training program comparable to taking a college course that is broke down into sections with daily observation and written reports to keep you informed of your progress.  During training you will be required to complete and pass Basic LEIN Certification - (Law Enforcement Information Network ) and a 40 Hour Basic Dispatcher Training through a certified program of the State 911 Committee (SNC).  Attending these training's will require overnight stays. 


Operations Specialist :

Must be able to meet the qualifications above. 
Must have a minimum of 3 years experience as a 911 Dispatcher
Must have Communications Training Officer (CTO) experience
Willing to be trained as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) coordinator
Willing to be trained in the Incident Command System (ICS)
Willing to be trained as a Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) and LASO (Local Agency Security Officer) for LEIN

The person chosen for this position will be responsible for: 

Overseeing the departments CTO program
Managing the CAD administrator functions
Reviewing entries in CAD for completeness, accuracy and policy compliance
Acting as FOIA Coordinator in the absence of the Director 
After training, able to serve as the Central Dispatch representative in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when necessary
Overseeing the training of dispatchers on proper procedures for entries in the CAD, for completeness and accuracy and on the correct application of official policy
Authorize emergency staffing as required, in the absence of the Director. 

Wages and benefits are per the current Governmental Employees Labor Council (GELC) union contract.